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Category: Text/Sms
  1. when i click the sms logo nothing happens why?

  1. when i click the sms logo nothing happens why?
    I'm unsure as to what you mean by sms logo as there are only text links, not image links to the free sms page. If you are referring to the link on the free sms page it used to jump to the section where you filled in your message and sent it. There is a paragraph on the page stating that our usual sms provider is no longer available and that we are currently waiting confirmation from a new free text provider. More news, updates and access to the new service on the section as soon as we get the go ahead and as we find new sites who provide similar services. If you are referring to a link from a page to the free sms section please let me know the page name/section as the link may be broken and need redoing. Apologies for the inconvenience.
    Category: Text/Sms
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