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Category: Altruism
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    Musa (as) said,"Oh Lord! Show me the level that Muhammad and his nation have attained." The Lord (swt) replied,"Oh Musa, you will never comprehend it. However I will show you one of the stages from the great and lofty steps by which I have given excellence to him, you and all of My creations." Then He (swt) unveiled to Musa (as) the Kingdom of Heaven and Musa saw a stage and was about to perish from the Light and proximity to Allah (swt). Musa (as) said,"Oh Lord. By what have You made Muhammad (saw) reach this noble position?" Allah (swt) replied,"By his prefering others to himself which is amongst the morals that I favoured him with." Reported by al-Imam al-Sadiq (as), Mizan al-Hikmah
    Category: Altruism
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