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something strange happened to me

I'm a age 28 and im from Longueuil. I live in a little apartment that was a garage before. Last year, i was sleeping in my bed, then i woke up and go to the toilet. While i was sitting on the toilet, I felt a very huge and heavy hand ( a right one of a very big man)grabbing my right shoulder...I really felt the pressure of a gig thumb in my back and the four other fingers in front of my shoulder, just beside my neck. I jumped like 3 feet high and i taught there was somebody on my right side, but there was nothing at all. I was so scared that i was'nt able to sleep that night. I spent the rest of the night with all lights open, wondering if something bad would happen to me. After that weird episode, nothing else like that happened. Now, i'm looking for answers and want to know if something similar happened to somebody...I'm not crazy...Please help me understand what was it!!! Please write me at

Re: something strange happened to me

Your not crazy...and forget that word Crazy, Everything exist from Paranormal to unknown fiction creatures, you have to believe in it and send your energy to make it exist.. and with Ghosts if your scared and you showing them they going to feed with your " scariness ".

If it never happened after this experience then forget it. If it happens again maybe you have a Lost spirit or something else trying to communicate. If your really Scared go to the church ask them to purify your apartment.