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Is it possible.......

Hi, just needed to find out if it's possible that something could make an alarm system go off for no reason during the night. After a couple of false alarms, our alarm company came to change to movement detector in that room. But it went off again last night - again there was nothing.. another false alarm, they dont understand howcome the system goes off because the expert came about 3 weeks ago and change the detector for a brand new one. Is it possible that something makes it go off. Hope someone can help me... thank you! By the way this is not the first time I need your help... where I lived before there was strange this going on... and I sent Patrick some pictures of my home back then... there are posted on your site... hopefully nothing followed us here in our new home...

Re: Is it possible.......

It is very possible. No doubt.

Re: Is it possible.......

Hey Chantal,

You're the one from saint jerome ?

There's either something wrong with your alarm, the heating system there might be creating some type of hot air circulation, someone kidding around or you have some ghost activities.
There's a building in downtown montreal corner saint catherine and mc gill. The alarm there is always going off for no apparent reasons and i have been hearing it for many years and nothing had changed. Usually at night when theres nobody there that the alarm goes off. Each time i pass by it at night i hear the alarm is activated. The building by the way IS giving off alot of ghost vibes from outside. So the activities causing the alarm to go off is most probably are caused by some kind of ghost/ghosts activities.


Re: Is it possible.......

What brand and type of alarm system is it? Is it old? Have you check the contacts and if every windows are properly closed? Do you have an animal?