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My kids keep seeing something in our home - ghost?

Not sure where to start with this one. For a couple of months my kids, aged 2 and 6, have been seeing a black foot apparition throughout our home. It apparently scuttles past very quickly at any time of day. They can see it, we can't. They seem a little intimidated by it, but not scared. My 6 year old said today that he thinks it's looking for a way out. Could this be a ghost? Should we be worried? What can we do about it?

Re: My kids keep seeing something in our home - ghost?

My house has the exact same shadow people. My daughter has seen many of them, mostly they are at a doorway and she can see them peering around the corner or they stick their hand out.
I've personally seen a full body shadowy person in the middle of the night. It was all black with white spots, kind like looking at the night sky.
They never done anything or seem to have any ill intent.

Re: My kids keep seeing something in our home - ghost?

You still see these dark shadows after 4 years ?

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