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i think im being watched

hi i have been working at this place for maybe 2 months now after week i was given the keys to close shop. it felt strange wen i was cleaning up and closeing i thought it might be because im new to closing.but latly is been worst giving me panic attacks i feel like theres someone staring at me but im the only one in the place and its always the same spots one room and my exit wich are in the same hall just the exit is on left side and the room is in the middle ifeel like there is eyes staring at me from the middle of both doors its come tosome one in an ol the point were im creaped out to turn off the last light befor i leave and wen i do think to my self nothing is there and shut off the light fear just falls right over me so i started to leave the light on this last week at my home 2 days ago i woke up to think i saw someone standing in a trench coat with a hat the shape mobsters use to wear this waS a pure black never happend before to me why is it now after so long ?