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a paranormal experience november 2011

hello, my name is roger. I am french bilingual engl. canadian but my writing is not very good.

I would like to share an event that happen to me at the begining of the month of november 2011 around the 7th. I was sitting at my computer past 9pm as i regularley do. My pc is in my bedroom, so i was in t-shirt and boxer short. Suddenly i felt a strong pain on my upper left leg, on the side. Its was like a burning sensation. My immidiate reaction was to look at my leg to see what was going on, thinking i was getting bite by a spider or something...I saw my skin peeling and shrinking living a small but deep hole. I was looking on the floor to see if i would see a spider or insect around, but nothing. The sensation of burn was intense so i immidiatly put some ointment (basiguant)that i had in my night table. In a few seconds the pain went away gradually. The wound was the size of a cigarette burn

Now, over 3 weeks after, i still carry a scar..and it not all healed but much better. I took pictures from when it happen until now. I am shy about talking about this. I am very saine and healthy working with the public. I did have a few other paranormal experiences when i was 10-11 and 17 y. old. that would be to long to talk about.

If you have an explaination, I would be happy to hear about it. Should I know things to get ready if more weir things happen to me ?

Thank you for reading me