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How to know if an entity is in an appartment, and if so what to do ?

I'm not very good in English. My question is about my daughter. She is 22 and since she was born she have dreams who always tell the future. She moves in a new appartment and last night the furnitures move in the appartment, the door of the toilet open and close, the ashtray skid on the kitchen table and she can't sleep, she feels uneasy and anxious. Her dog don't open a eye. I don't know why, but when she told me that, I fell a strange cold and have difficulty to breath. So I search on the Net because it was also my job and I find "Niet"...nothing intersting about how to react, what to do to confirm if a "gost" is in the place and if so...what to do. How to know if it's bad...Finally I just want to know if it's possible. Thank you

Re: How to know if an entity is in an appartment, and if so what to do ?

Salut, comme tu dit ne pas être bon en anglais, je présume que tu parle français. Il y a plusieurs explications possible. Peut-être que les meuble et le cendrier contenaient du métal et qu'un laboratoire fait des gros test électrique dans le voisinage (si tu veux plus d'information, je te link 2 vidéos qui expliquerons). Peut-être que la bâtisse est trop vieille et les portes ne se ferme pas bien. Pour le chien je ne comprend pas : il n'ouvre plus les yeux ?

Je comprend que tu ai eu le souffle coupé, c'est effrayant lorsque des objets bouge et on ne sait pas comment ou pourquoi.

Je peux aider à inspecter la bâtisse ou simplement vous écouter sans me moquer ni nier en bloque comme beaucoup de gens font. Simplement répondez sur ce forum, je vais le revisiter durant les prochains mois.

Re: How to know if an entity is in an appartment, and if so what to do ?

Stay calm.
Never try to be agressive to the things u can not see or understund.
U probably have a gost. Is he agressive?! Do u have any abnormal marks on ur daughter?!
Try to buy a sage, light it up, open ur windows and doors pass with the smoke of sage every closet in ur rooms. U have to think that everything is going away from ur home. Ask it gently to leave.
U can also tell ur daughter to make a pray when she start to feel something, it depends on ur religion, traditions, u can also call a priest. U can visit magical blend store online for protection stuff or books. The best thing it's imagine a circle around urself.

Re: How to know if an entity is in an appartment, and if so what to do ?

You have to understand one thing about ghosts.

There's 2 type of ghost:

Level 1 Ghost:

 They can be sensed by average people who are a bit more open at the soul and by children who are open enough to see and sense them. These ghosts do not have much power and are often spiritual victims. They have different reasons for not moving on. These can include being murdered, especially in cases where the murderer is not caught, and/or the body is not found, or in other unusual or peculiar circumstances that were involved in their death. The soul is not at rest. Often though, the body is not found or is not buried where the soul wants it to be buried. Death could have also occurred by accident. The person may have gone missing and is trying to tell family that they are dead.

These ghosts are in another dimension called "Astral world" and it's very lonely. If they interact with you is because they need help so don't fear them.

Level 2 ghost:

These are something else. These souls are much more rare than the others I just wrote about. These were already powerful sorcerers and witches when living, and WHO KNOW THEY ARE DEAD - poltergeists and those who can cause all sorts of mayhem and havoc in certain places. Some can even move objects, inflict injuries, cuts and such on living beings- both humans and animals. They are blatant and most people, even those who are not psychic can sense their presence.

Water energy is cold and of death in many cases. Places where there have been violent deaths, there are often water problems, usually in the form of inexplicable leaks.

What you can do is.. try to communicate with that ghost and find out what he/she wants.