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After 15 years

Okay, so this started just a couple of hours ago, and it freaked me out enough that I had to share. Hopefully someone can give me a few answers here.
As a child I used to see and feel things instead of having imaginary friends. I would feel beings pass through me as though I wasn't even there, and I would see outlines of figures that would come to my bedroom at night when I was alone. Finally one day I was terrified and screamed and begged for it to just leave me alone. I also at the time I recently realized, began to have a hatred against my mother and her attempts at raising me (I have lived with my father for the past 15+ years).
In the past year, I have become more and more interested in NLP, trance (hypnosis), energy healing and spirits. I have always believed in spirits, however my idea of their form has constantly been evolving.
Tonight as I was outside talking to a friend in my driveway, I began to see certain dark shadows out of the corner of my eye, as well as felt someTHING around and behind me. Close enough to be considered too close for comfort. Eventually as scared as I was I eventually ran inside, shut the door (and locked it) behind me, but the feeling grew even stronger. I rushed inside my bedroom turned on the light, changed, and got into bed. Suddenly the lights (brand new bulbs) went out, and I began to see a dark figure coming closer. Everytime I would look it would either be darker, or closer, but kept moving around. I had shut my eyes and it became even clearer, it was small, but blacker than black. It had no features. I felt my body become paralyzed, unable to speak, move, feel anything besides this "thing" around me. (Felt more like a source of energy than anything else). I felt choked, my arms unable to move, my palms glued to my keyboard. I could only move my fingers to type. My house was DEAD silent, all I could hear was a high pitched constant noise humming around the house. I could not even hear my own breathing or my dogs.
3 times I said aloud finally "please not tonight" and felt my body begin to relax. My lights had returned on, my dog became more at ease (instead of being on guard at first lying ON TOP of me instead of hardly ever in my room before his body became ice cold), and I was able to leave my room to go to the washroom. I had then saw that my makeup was running down my face on only one side, and when I looked back a moment later it was even worse (being a makeup artist, it's very rare to see my makeup smudged, or running on just one side of my face).
I returned to my room with the lights on still and felt something behind me, holding my forarms almost in a "spooning" position behind me. My dog is still sleeping out cold on my bed, and I still feel slightly choked.

Anyone know what this was? What it wants? How can I interact with it? Help it?
It's not that I don't want to see this, whatever it may be. I used to see this all the time, but I'm scared of what it is. I know not everyone see's this, and I want to understand why me.
I guess it should also be important and/or somewhat relevant to say that recently I found out I can see what some consider "first steps" to "Seeing" energy, being the static. This all started by seeing colors in my friends face where his features should have been. Blue, Red, and Green, all blended. It was almost like a new color that the eyes do not normally "see".
Thanks in advance,