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St-Michel area ghost, Montreal, Quebec

Hi ive noticed the pictures and it looks similar to my appartment but the basemen version, plz if you can remember or if u got the adress of the place you went to visit it great if we can contact eachother and speak about it a little more, ive been experiencing some strange stuff in my new appartment, others have heard or seen things also here, I need some help, plz contact!

Re: St-Michel area ghost, Montreal, Quebec

Hi, I live in St-Michel too. I don't have any ''ghost detection'' tools or anything like that, but I want to help you. If I could only ''confirm'' the strange stuff in your place, or listen to your story without telling you you are crazy (I guess it is not easy to speak about it to your familly, friends and partners if they are not open minded, i don't know)

So if you are interested, answer this topic

orbs going up in the are very strange

what are these? weard