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Being followed


Where do we begin? It seems we have a poltergeist/ghost following us around to different houses/apartments. It has become a lot more active since my girlfriend played my great grandfather's flute. Here is a list of what's going on:

1) Shadows moving across the wall
2) Cold spots in apartment
3) Things being misplaced; and moved to completely different spots
4) Feels like being strangled in sleep
5) Noises in the kitchen: dishes moving
6) Keyboard types by itself
7) Music at night while in bed: we both hear a piano/organ
8) Air conditioner turned off
9) Blankets being pulled off
10) Something/nothing hit me in the chest. My girlfriend witnessed this (as she was sitting next to me), and we are both unable to explain exactly what we saw.
11) Generally feeling as if something is present

Note, that we have lived in 3 different places within a year. It has followed us to every place. We think it could be my grandfather as the shadows resemble him--tall & thin, and that I was close to him when he was alive. I did see him several times over the years at my parents place. Strange things did go on since his death, when I was 8. It is now 20 years later and paranormal activity has increased since my girlfriend played the flute. Also important to know that the flute has been present in all 3 locations.

Any insight or suggestions in this matter would be greatly appreciated. We are at a loss as to how to deal with this.

Thank you,

Mike + Claire

Re: Being followed

hey there,
sorry to hear whats been happening to you guys, you are being disturbed and getting setup for demonic possesion. the flute is the source of evil. the demon may take the shape of ur grandfather just to get closer to u.

THis shadow is not your grandfather,
you need to throw that flute away. The origin of the flute is from satan himself. Anyways
you guys need to banish them, if ur christan or catholic use the name of jesus, if it dosent work i may be able to help, but you must try yourself and both you must be strong,
the demonic activity has increased beacause they want to posses you.

also if you guys go to spirit talkers or people of the occult or have recived gifts from them, throw them away. there is always a reason for this, and either one of you allowed it in to your home or lives, thats why its bothering you. anyways get a priest or pastor to help you guys out and clean the home you are at. also if the pastor or priest costs too much you can ask me. that by saying im you last resort if nothing else works.

Re: Being followed

ZRP is going too fast.

Maybe the apartement is very old and have alot deep problems with water, electricity, foundation and isolation. And maybe the other problems are linked to healt problem like chronic stress or post traumatic syndrome.

I can help to witness the phenomenon, inspect the building or simply listen if you want to say more. I know almost nothing about the subject, wich maybe good in the circumstance.

I am ready to help, you know where to find me, here (I'll look this forum for the coming mounts).