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Paranormal Locations

Hello all,

I am starting up a paranormal investigation team in order to make 60 minute shows. We are going to be placing them on YouTube for now and hopefully get picked up by a network.

Our only problem right now is finding locations, that are legal to enter to investigate.

If anyone knows of any location in Montreal, please feel free to contact me. If possible please give a description of events,and any history. We don't want to waist time. We are trying to get an investigation every week and to post a new video every week as well.

Thank you.

Re: Paranormal Locations


a 60 min is long man...the way i see it is most shows are 42min long, in those 42 minutes theres about 15 min of actual footage, the rest is interviews, history of the place and so thos 15 minutes of actual footage there is like 12 hours of video before it edited... i would suggested to go with the ''flow'' instead of filling up 60 minutes of footage, could get long...but this is only my opinion.

i would go to : Sainte-Clotilde de Horton asylum, and investigat it the right way...but again it's only me

if you need someone with an IR camera on your team , let me know