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Haunted house near verdun montreal

Hi i just want to let people know of my experiances living in a haunted house...yoou have the right to belive it or not but i swear im being 100%honest and got people who will say the same...last year i lived in ville emard right next to verdun and after a while unexplainable phenomenas started to happen like locked doors opening shadows in the hall moving reel fast .my girlfriend was having recurent nightmares of a man telling her (i will get you)after a while she also saw the shadows moving in the house and when it would happen she would start crying of fear...she was petrified and never wanted to come back...sadly bcuz i wanted to know the meaning of these attacks but for her sake we moved out .but i always woundered why it wasmore after her than me if someone has an idee id be glad to know

Re: Haunted house near verdun montreal

Hey, I was just curious, where was it that you were living?
Do you still remember the address?