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I was reading your post on Dachau and I was wondering if you got the chance to enter the gas chamber area? if so, could you share some of your impresions there?. I was recently in the camp and would like to know someone's perception.

Re: Dachau

Hi Luisa,

Yes i have entered the gas chamber at he Dachau camp and i didn't know i was in it until few minutes later. But the moment i stepped in there i heard"I can't breath!!..I can't breath!!". There was unpleasant emotions in there as well but i could not put these into words to describe/depict them.

The thing with me is that i don't do what most visitors do and pick up guiding books, translators and listen to the guides or pamphlets before visiting sites like these. So i take/have no prior ideas on where I'll be walking in, i just walk and see what i pick up, that's how it is with me and how i work. I only go with basic info like this was a prison camp and how to get there on a map, that's all. From experience, the best way to pick up spiritual information and read your surroundings or read the akashic records of an area is to know nothing about anything in advance. The purer you are mind is(and not thinking of what you are doing here)the more sensitive you become.

How about you, care to share what you felt in there?

Recently i visited auschwitz concentration camp in Poland and it was just horrible the emotions left behind in there.

Kind regards,