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Can you help me please??

Hi all at Montreal Paranormal Forum, I hope this finds you well…please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a television producer, director that is currently at the very early stages of developing a new format for future productions. I am looking for a little help in accessing the paranormal community, to see if they would like to take part in this new and exciting production and was wondering if you could assist me in gaining that access?

I am looking to find people who could potentially take part in our Canadian based production that we may have beginning sometime soon. I found your contact details while researching and thought I would get in contact because I am particularly interested in hearing about frightening experiences that have occurred in the wilderness whilst camping/hunting/fishing/hiking/trailing. I want to feature real people willing to share their real unusual experiences of the wild and would be willing to speak about them on camera. We are not in any way wishing embellish or exaggerate or poke fun at the stories however they might sound, we are just hoping to reflect true life experiences that will chill the audience to the bone as they watch people recount truly terrifying experiences.

Have you or any of your colleagues/followers/members experienced anything out of the ordinary whilst outdoors? Something unexpected and truly terrifying...Is there any stories or local legends that you or your members maybe able to recall, something that is truly scary, something completely unexplainable, something that is way out of the ordinary? If you have and believe this would be a fantastic feature to this production please give me a call!

As mentioned I am at very early stages, so nothing solid at this point...The purpose of the show is to reconstruct and reflect a true representation of the stories and not to challenge the stories in any way, so nothing is too far out or too crazy sounding to us. I do have strong interest from a number of broadcasters but what I want to do at this point is gather a number of really strong stories to move forward and take it to the next level…can you help me please??

Is it possible for you to publish a call out or something on your blog spaces. FB page, fantastic website or post an inbox notification to your membership? Just in the hope to attract any of your followers/members into being a part of this exciting production. Believe me when I say this would be an massive help!

My contact details are below please contact me if you would like to talk further, or perhaps you can share and circulate my request/contact details with others members of your community.

Look forward to hearing from you very soon, best wishes