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White orbs around my 11month son


Hope you could help me!
I just moved to a house in Beaconsfield and since that time, I always catch white flying orbs in the video monitor as soon as I put my son to bed. Most of the people I talk about this say its might be his guardian angels. I want to believe that but my son keeps waking up in the middle of the night crying. I dont know if its really good spirits around him. As well, a night when my mom-in-law and father inlaw was in my kitchen, they said that the knife flew from the plate to the floor. I was upstairs so I couldnt testify what really happen. My mother in law, she have some six sense that could explain why something like this happen but im very not confortable with those events. I need a peaceful house. This never happened at my condo.
Could you help us, please!