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Place of interest for discovery

Hi Patrick, I live in a complex in Pointe-Claire. Since I have moved here about 6 years ago I have been experiencing a lot of spiritual activity. One I was walking down saint-jean boulevard with my husband and child something bumbep into me with enough force to knock my sholder back an at the same moment my kid at the time was 1 turned in her stroller looking behind us.

And other time in our appartement at the time I would often hear foot steps of someone going down my stairs but no one there except for me relax on couch while baby sleeping.

Moved in a diffrent unit in 2015. And let me say 2016 has been the creepiest. I have that creepy feeling almost every single night that I'm being watched even sometimes in the daytime. I woke up once from vaginal penetration pressure had pain all day. In one night i felt watched, touched, and seen a shadow next to my bed as my Ipad turned on by itself. An other night I saw a tall manly shadow cross my living room as I sat on my toilet. Days before that apparition my daughter told me a man who she gave me a name but I can't remember it was an older kinda man name...she would tell me shhhhhh shhhhh. I asked her why and she said, (the man's name), is whispers to me sometimes but It's hard to hear...... I freaked out. Just the other while I'm in the bathroom with my kid the cabinet door opens ratherly fast as I placed soap on the top of the cabinet, these doors are magnetized I tried to re do what I did the next day. I also bamged a little harder on the top and sides tried to close and shut the other door several times with diffrent force and the door whom open on it's own never openned on it's own.

I'm officially creaped out about my appartement and appartment complex.

I suggest you come out and invetigate the place for yours