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Re: Re: Early history of Fleetwood

Thanks such a lot Germaine .. I was beginning to have doubts about my memory of what I had been told. I was questioned by a good friend who used to live in Cleveleys and now lives in Perth Australia. She was a dancer in her young days and knew most of the theatres around where we lived then. I told her she is too young to remember the Queens in Fleetwood and my memory is hearing talked about by older people. Why I asked about the Art Cinema once being theatre was because we had a friend came to live with us for a while in Fleetwood in the 1940s. She had been a dancer and I seem to remember her talking about the ART. She married whilst with us to Councillor Roberts' son who had been a boy friend in her early days. I think he worked for Jamesons shoe shop making their special shoes. Once again thanks Germaine .. incidentally I remember Cob Cowell and also a Mrs Cowell who lived in Cop Lane as it was all those years ago.
Marjorie .. NZ

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Hi I remember the building that was the Queens theatre it was opposite the market in Adelaide St. When i was little it was empty then for a short while it was petrol station. The Art cinema where Iceland is now. I don't know if it was ever a live theatre but I do know that it used to have a live orchestra when they showed silent films. My late Mum used to work there in the late 20's early 30's and then when the new cinema the Victoria opened she went there.
Sorry couldn't be more help but hope that was of interest to you.