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the "george agdell" circa 1930

my grandfather was lost at sea from the "george agdell", i believe around 1930. his name was john ronson from singleton.any information welcome.i might well have name of trawler wrong!

Re: the "george agdell" circa 1930


You need to contact my dad your 'Uncle Herbert' 01253 891344.
Both my grandad's were good mates, that'how my mum and dad met. Grandad Ronson at the time he drowned was working at the amunition factory at Burn Naze and they had been put on a three day week.
He asked my other Grandad 'Titch' Norton woud he take fireman, Titch told me Grandad John had worked most of his working life farming and he felt that trawling was not a job he would wish on ahis worst enemy and woul not take to sea.
This decision he regretted the rest of his life, Grandad John went to pool office and signed on the George Adgell as a fireman
He drowned eight hours into the trip emptying ashesfrom a fire bucket over the side. It 's persumed that the ship pitched and rolled he lost his footing let go of the bucket and it caught on his vest and dragged him overboard.
Grandad Titch told me all that was found was his boots, the tradition was that they left thre lacies out in cause they fell overboard and they could kick the boots off.
The skipper and crew searched for grandad unfortunately nothing was found.
Just a quick postscript I have oly once fished the ground were grandad was drowned (2nd Engineer in the London Town) we came fast lost all our gear.

Re: Re: the "george agdell" circa 1930

hello john, i did reply before xmas 2004, i don't know if you recieved it, but if you did contact thru' work - thanks for info supplied.