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1953 Norton Big 4 parts?

I'm looking at purchasing a 1953 Big 4 and was wanting to know how difficult it is to find parts (specifically rear frame and motor parts). Anyone know if parts are available and where to look for parts? I'm located in the US by the way.


Re: 1953 Norton Big 4 parts?

Travis, The 1948-on Big 4 (and almost identical 16H) doesn't have a lot in common with the WD models. It's unlikely that many of us here will have much in the way of parts.

This is the model with the 'chimney pot' tappet covers and alloy cylinder head. It also has the reduced 112mm stroke and circular rather than lever tappets.

They're not that uncommon in the UK and parts do turn up at jumbles but you'll probably struggle a little in the U.S. I don't believe that many were exported to the States but numbers went to Commonwealth countries and even to some overseas governments.

I'd suggest membership of the UK Norton Owner's Club and try RGM Motors, Russell Motors and maybe 'Norvil' for spares but realistically, if anything more than 'consumables' are needed then your best option will be to cannibalise a spare engine.

Most models are based on the post-war rigid cradle frame but one or two plunger variants were made to special order. The Norton frame is a one-piece construction so you won't find a 'rear frame'. If yours is missing or damaged, you'll be looking at finding a replacement or repairing what you have.

Re: 1953 Norton Big 4 parts?

I have à lot of spares for the engine but most parts are the Same as the late 16h

Re: 1953 Norton Big 4 parts?

Hi Tony, you mentioned that you have spares for a 16h. I wonder if you might be able to help me. We have a 1951 16h and on returning from the final rally that we went to last year I found to my horror that I had lost the tappet cover and screw that fits to the chimney pot valve housing. Despite trying various sources I have been unable to locate a replacement screw fixing for the lost cover. I have found a cover but no screw. I would even like to obtain a spare cover plate if that is at all possible.
Is this anything that you may have or anyone else you could suggest. Any help would be very gratefully received.