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Girder fork prts

I'm doing up my girder forks and am after the friction discs for both the friction steering damper and the friction damper for the fork action. Also after the knurled adjusting washers for the ends of the spindles.

Anyone know where I can get these items?


Re: Girder fork prts

So far, 14 lookers, no replies. Hasn't anyone bought these items for their girder forks. Also looking for the rubbers for the handlebar clamp,


Re: Girder fork prts

I bought friction discs from Russell Motors a month or so ago. There are some ridiculously thin ones about. 020 7228 1714. Speak to Les - but not Fridays or Mondays.

Re: Girder fork prts

Also for motorcycle rubber bits. I got the handlebar clamp rubbers from them.

ps don't know about friction damper discs but I suspect Russells will have them. Russell Motors are (of course?) the main spares supplier for 16H. Clapham Junction.

Re: Girder fork prts

I meant I did buy side fork damper discs but don't know about steering damper! But there must be a lot more bikes with steering dampers than with girder forks nowadays.

ps I changed my fork dampers by fitting a ratchet strap from the forks to the front downtube to stop the bike from 'doing the splits' when I extracted the lower fork spindle with front wheel and forks in place on the bike. Only took an hour or so including washing the surfaces with petrol.

The original discs were entirely saturated in grease as I suspect most of them are since there is nowhere else for fork spindle grease to escape.

Re: Girder fork prts

Thanks David,

I've sent a couple of emails, waiting on replies. Also sent one to George Cohen, he said he'd look at an upcomming jumble.


Re: Girder fork prts

Paul Norman's site doesn't have a working sales page at the moment but I have an idea that he does the knurled washers (and maybe the rest)

He always seems enthusiastic and friendly.

Re: Girder fork prts

I haven't had any dealings with them but these guys list friction disks for all sorts incl Norton Girders.

And if you don't have any luck on the knurled washers Ken McIntosh has those along with the spindles.

Re: Girder fork prts

I don't think Les at Russells is very enthusiatic about email. (I don't really blame him...) so I'd phone if I were you! Not Monday.

Re: Girder fork prts

Yes, I've actually been there, don't laugh I live on the opposite side of the planet, so as much as a phone call is technically possible, we've had the phone on for some years now, I'd need to call him in the middle of the night our time. I find it's head in the sand not using email....personal choice of course. Like not going out and checking your mail box, because you are used to whatever horse drawn / pigeon type communication was before that. Wonder what happened to the British motorcycle industry....mmmmm

Re: Girder fork prts


I also have to do this job as my friction dampers are also well greased.
Can you please explain with some more details how to do the job quick and effective, I especially did not get what you fixed with the ratched straps. (...maybe because I never dismanteled the fork or just that I'm german origin)


Re: Girder fork prts - replace damper discs

Hello, Heiko...
To get the discs out, the lower spindle side link plates must be moved out sideways since the discs are inside 3mm deep recesses in the outer steel discs. And of course the front spindle passes through the disc so that has to come right out. Then the problem is that, if the bike is still resting on its from wheel, the wheel will immediately run away forwards and it will all collapse in an expensive heap...(like a dancer 'doing the splits').
So I used a nylon webbing ratchet strap (the ones often used to hold things - including motorbikes - securely on trailers).
I wrapped the strap round the back of the mudguard and round the front frame down tube. Then tightened it - not too much - don't want to damage anything.

Then slackened the spindle nuts and levered the side plates outward using a bar inside a rubber oil pipe (so as not to damage the paint).
Then tapped the front spindle out, adjusting the strap an necessary, and then hooked out the oily friction discs. Washed it all with petrol on a rag, and reassembled.

Getting the spindle in was fiddly - adjusting the ratchet strap and also used a bar a bit smaller to start with.

Then re-adjust it all.

I think the strap worked better than holding the bike on a stand under the engine. My guess is that if you did that then the forks would sag down instead. Or the main fork spring would upset things. Don't really know!

Good luck!