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Norton Tachometer Drive Gearbox

i am french,
I am restoring a norton 16h,
I'm looking for a speedodrive.
I found one ,but it turns in the wrong direction,
I can not find one that will go.
if you could tell me where I can find this speedodrive.
I can finish my bike.

Best regards

Re: Norton Tachometer Drive Gearbox

Emmanuel, I don't believe that there are any dealers who still hold stock of the speedo drives. You obviously need one for a left-hand brake plate. They do turn up on eBay UK from time to time and advertising on here or the BSA M20 forum may help (watch out for criminals who will say that they have the part you need though).

The drive that you probably have (for a right-hand brake plate) is actually rarer than the Norton drive as it fits early BSA M20s (before they changed to the flat outboard drive unit).

There is a good chance that if you post on the M20 forum, someone with a Norton drive for his BSA will offer to swap.

Good Luck !

From which year is your 16H ?

Re: Norton Tachometer Drive Gearbox

thank you for you answer.
my bike is 1936.
I post on the M20 forum.
Best regard