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Dutch army, Johan Herman Fuhler, somewhere between 1945 and 1950

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sidestand 16H

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today 15th of December I had a nice ride around the beautiful river Rhine area.

Sunny 5 degrees, so not too cold with heavy leather.

The only thing I am missing meanwhile is a sidestand which makes life easier on uneven places as well as on filling stations when you just need a quick refill.The field stand is a nice original part, my 16H has the lug to fit but when I saw a picture in the bikes register on this site with a side stand on the front side of the engine I thought that this could be what I am looking for:


Has anyone an idea which sidestand can be installed on front engine mounts?

Is this from a later 16H, maybe post-war ...or from a different model ... or is this a 1-off selfmade part?



Re: sidestand 16H

They were fitted on post war cradle framed bikes, plunger and rigid.
The Inters and Manx's side stand was 1" longer because they had 20" rear and 21" front wheel's. Very hard to find and expect to pay a lot for one if you do. There was someone who had a batch made and were for sale on ebay, but these seem to have gone now. The one on the 16H you've show is a home made stand.

This picture is a 1950 ES2 plunger frame.

 photo 1950NortonES26_zps5fb3edac.jpg

This is the stand for the 1946 onward 16H, Model 18 ES2 with 19" wheels
 photo 19inchfrontwheelsidestand_zps5f947ae2.jpg

This is the Inter and Manx stand that's 1" longer.
 photo 21inchfrontwheelthisisoneinchlongerthanstandedsidestand_zpsc7fb78f9.jpg

Re: sidestand 16H

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Thanks a lot for the detailled information!

Seems I will give it a try to build one my own - I don't expect I'll get an original part so easy.

The pictures will help a lot, let's see what I can use as basis.Maybe I can use the conical tube and the link of this one, the flange for fxing at the engine should be a straightforward job:

or this one minus the switch:


Re: sidestand 16H

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Done !

non original ...

I bought a used the sidestand -see above (No.2) and created a new baseplate from 10mm steel, welded 2 shells left and right  made from a splitted pipe. They perfectly fit on the the outer diameter of the frame tube and keep the baseplate in position. This is mounted in the lug of the rear brake anchor with a slightly longer bolt. A little tricky to get all angles right but a perfect 2nd Christmas afternoon.