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Dutch army, Johan Herman Fuhler, somewhere between 1945 and 1950

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Handlebars etc.

Hello everyone.. I am looking for the 1939-42 handlebar levers. If anyone knows, please PM me.

By the way I am looking moreover for the "complete" correct handlebars (I found some on ebay but don't know the quality), incl. original gasgrip, air lever etc., as my handlebars are complete wrong. Unlike the rest of the motorcycle.

Thank you,

Re: Handlebars etc.

Hi Martin,

In the time frame you named, there were at least 3 different handlebar lever setups, the first type, (Doherty Combination levers) you can forget about, have been looking for 15 years now, and nothing! the other two are possible, late '41 had the folded steel plate type already, have N.O.S. parts for those.

So better decide first what you need, by looking at the frame number etc.

To find a complete set, with all stuff on it, would not want to wait till that comes along! bare bars can be found, do not buy anything repro, it will not be right!

Hope this helps,


Re: Handlebars etc.

Hello Lex,

thanks for the answer. Well the thing is, that my Norton is matching numbers june 1940 year of manufacture, but was rebuild according to the plate on the toolbox on 8/4/1944. So my Norton is a mixage of the later production parts, but was born quite early. In this case any pre-44 handlebars and features would be good for it.. much better then the todays whatever-it-is. Donť you know about some suitable parts please? The handlebars can be found on Ebay, from GB and from India.

Originally I was thinking about rebuild the machine to it's "born" look from 1940's, but I think to remove it's re-build plate from 1944 would be a sin.
So the final look will be the 1944.


Re: Handlebars etc.


Do you have NOS parts for the folded levers that you would interested in unloading?


Re: Handlebars etc.

Ben, might have soms stuff, better email me direct.