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Dutch army, Johan Herman Fuhler, somewhere between 1945 and 1950

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'You'r losing something mate' photo

A few details caught the eye..

The bike has the short pre-war civilian gear position indicator.

Also looks like it might have the 'suitcase catch' for the toolbox.

Also straight gear lever. Can't see saddle springs but the oil tank looks civilian. As does tool box.

Also of course no blackout mask. So what date is it? So 1938-1939?

Re: 'You'r losing something mate' photo

Also seems to have a front number plate. Possibly impressed?

Re: 'You'r losing something mate' photo

They're wearing the 1922 Scottish Regiments' Service Dress and '08 pattern webbing, plus they don't seem to have respirators handy so I'd put this prior to mid-1939.

Pre-war WD bikes carried civilian (Middlesex series) registration numbers. As well as the short gear indicator (which carried on into 1940), the box has the earlier straight gear lever which points to a 1936 model. Chrome looks to be dull rather than bright and there is no fork adjuster knob.

Although the large deliveries didn't start until 1937, there were about 900 WD16Hs supplied in 1936.