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Dutch army, Johan Herman Fuhler, somewhere between 1945 and 1950

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Hi All
Thought i'd show off my Norton! It does need some work, but i'm looking forward to the process !
I'll keep updates posted !
Cheers Stu
 photo IMAG0363_zps16047b3d.jpg

Re: 16H

A good project! Good luck! :-)!

Re: 16H

A few progress shots !
Waiting for a new rear mudguard end piece, rear carrier and winter to pass to get some colour !
 photo IMAG0584_zps920dc665.jpg
 photo IMAG0585_zpsb8848aac.jpg
 photo IMAG0586_zps03db4650.jpg
 photo IMAG0587_zps426d2a06.jpg
Cheers Stu

Re: 16H

Stu, as Dave H mentioned on the M20 forum, the combination of later WD left-hand mounted speedo head and 1939 civvy front wheel is likely to cause you cable-routing problems. I'd be inclined to make up an early WD / pre-war style centrally mounted speedo bracket which will let you run the cable straight down the right hand side.

By the way, well-done on needling the oh-so-superior M20 owners over their choice of machinery. They need taking down a peg or two from time to time !

Re: 16H

Hi Stu,

If you make it a early one with the 2 top toolbox I have a set.
pm me if you like it.



Re: 16H

Hi all
I thought i would post a couple of pics of my finished bike!

 photo IMG_0076_zpssbbhfn7x.jpg

 photo IMG_0064_zpses0nvigk.jpg

A big thank you to everyone on this forum for their guidance, help and parts, in particular Rik who took time out to send me lots of information throughout the process!
And of course Rob, who runs this fantastic site!
Cheers Stuart