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Dutch army, Johan Herman Fuhler, somewhere between 1945 and 1950

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Rocking horse poo

Just noticed girder fork bump stops on ebay 151388046074

Re: Rocking horse poo

Never knew that racing horses had farm cart accesories!

Another way to get a better price for them. Just like Brough Superior gearboxes!


I wonder who is being fooled.

Re: Rocking horse poo

Seems to have worked, they went for £106!!

Re: Rocking horse poo

i was told a year or few back when i was searching for some bump stops that they were often retrofitted to Inter forks back in the day.

Re: Rocking horse poo

Like these, were they? Not £110...

I've no idea where or how they fit - but my front mudguard has the evidence of why they should be.

Re: Rocking horse poo

I think you'll find they're just the rubber inserts David !
They fit into the buffer lugs on each side of the forks
Cheers Stu