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Dutch army, Johan Herman Fuhler, somewhere between 1945 and 1950

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16H Footrest Hangers

I need a pair of footrest hangers for a 1941 16H project which will have the earlier type of rubber footrests. There seem to be available from various sources the later style of WD all metal footrests complete with hangers.

Can anyone advise please whether the hangers themselves are the same, i.e. with the later style the metal bar unscrews from the hanger ?

Re: 16H Footrest Hangers

Absolutely correct, Pete. The short WD hangers are identical regardless of footrest type fitted. The sets available have usually been re-packaged in the 1950s and it's rare to receive a pair of hangers with the same finish (you'll need dull chrome).

The later rests do simply unscrew. They're too short to turn down as centre studs for the pedal type rests though.

As we discussed by mail (but I'll mention it here for the benefit of the forum), the pre-/early-war rubbers are 1/8" shorter and have a more rounded profile than those fitted post-war by Norton.

Re: 16H Footrest Hangers

Thanks Rik, a wealth of info as ever.