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Dutch army, Johan Herman Fuhler, somewhere between 1945 and 1950

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Wanted: 16H Magdyno platform

Wanted to buy: Norton 16H Magdyno platform.
Not sure if early war (1940) bike had the
cast iron type?



Re: Wanted: 16H Magdyno platform

Hinrik, the early-war bikes had the pre-war style aluminium mounts. There then followed a squarer looking cast 'mazac' version and then the cast iron 'spectacle' type.

Life is complicated as both the 1938 civilian engine and the 1948-on civilian motors used aluminium platforms that look similar to the WD type but have different dimensions.

Re: Wanted: 16H Magdyno platform


I have a 16H frame number is W80332 and i i have no mag and no platform.

I don't know what model of platfom i need ?

in the spare part list in the site i have found N° 3711 (mag platform)

I can't find this part number on the web, i found that: good or not good ?


Thank you

Re: Wanted: 16H Magdyno platform

As far as I know the cast iron platform was made for the WD16H, however, the mounting holes on the one on ebay don't look in the right place. The one on the website does look right.