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Dutch army, Johan Herman Fuhler, somewhere between 1945 and 1950

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info W84727 and contract S2602, cat. ref. 37


If have a Norton 16h, engine and framenr. W84727 and contract S2602, cat. ref. 37. It is not completely original, for some 80% I think. I'm just started with a restauration. Could someone give me some more information about this contractnumber and especially these bikes? For example: to witch army are those delivered?

Gr, Thijs

Re: info W84727 and contract S2602, cat. ref. 37

Thijs, Contract S2602 was scheduled for delivery from January 1944. All machines would have been delivered to the central Royal Army Ordnance Corps depot at Chilwell, Nottinghamshire and then allocated to British and Commonwealth units as necessary.

I have photos of bikes from this contract in service in NW Europe during 1944 - 45 and also in Austria at the end of hostilities.

Yours would have been numbered C5267927.

This is a picture taken from the Roy Bacon book 'Norton Singles' and shows C5268489 in the Netherlands during that horrific winter of '44- '45 (ask anyone who was there !)

 photo B 1944 C5268489 S.2602 1944 Holland_zpsaznfmc8k.jpg

By 1944, the Canadians were probably the main user of Nortons. It is quite possible that yours would have ended its service life at Deelen with other Canadian material but it could also have arrived more recently via Greece as many later-war Nortons were sold there during the late 1940s.