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Dutch army, Johan Herman Fuhler, somewhere between 1945 and 1950

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Norton 16 H

HI I am currently Looking for a new 16 H saddle Cover !
but Have been informed That if my Saddle is a genuine norton saddle then there is a slight size discrepancy form the WM20 ! Ie The norton is Larger , if this is correct can anyone advise me on the were about that i can obtain one Please ?
regards Ted

Re: Norton 16 H

Norton advertised larger saddles in their 1939 civilian range brochure but the WD parts book do not show this being carried over to the service machines. Lycett and Terry saddles were fitted interchangeably and later in the war, a standardardised WD saddle base was introduced which could be adapted with fitting plates to most makes.

Covers for these seem to fit the earlier saddle frames too and they do turn up occasionally as 'New Old Stock' but it requires searching and if on eBay, they become expensive.

The problem with any modern cover is that it will be vinyl which feels 'soft' and 'warm' to the touch rather than the original 'Rexine'.

Van Genechten in Belgium have a good name. It may be worth contacting them with your measurements to see if they can supply from stock or have one made.

If you're stuck with the Dutch, just ask on shortage of Dutch speakers on this forum.

Re: Norton 16 H

Hello Rik Thank you for the fast response ! I will give them a try
regards Ted