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Dutch army, Johan Herman Fuhler, somewhere between 1945 and 1950

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engine case identification

Been offered these cases for sale but haven't seen them
Engine AS18227 79 times 100 casting number 298
Anyone know?

Re: engine case identification

These 'AS' cases are shown in the factory ledgers as spare engines for military contracts. Most WD contracts had around 10% spare engines.

Based on some fairly close numbers in the incomplete surviving books, I suspect this may have been an RAF spare engine assembled around November 1940.

It would probably have carried a small brass plate stating "Cat. No. 3787" (The spare part number for a complete engine unit). I would certainly expect two small screw holes close to the number stamping.

Re: engine case identification

Thanks Rik
I'm not sure these cases ever had a motor
Whatever, what's a going price for a set of really good cases?

Re: engine case identification

That's a difficult question. What's a good set ? Do you have the rest of the parts ? Do you mind the spare part case number ? Does it have a (matched) timing cover ?

Reasonable complete engines seem to be around £250 and should have plenty of usable parts.

If they're really NOS and have absolutely no damage or wear on the lugs (the biggest problem on used cases) then I'd guess £100 - £150 because they would form the basis of a good sound motor. If they're a bit scruffy and need any welding work then £50 - £75....but it's guesswork on my part.

You can still find knocked about cases for £25 at UK jumbles

Re: engine case identification

nah I'm just a bit of a squirrel It's just the two halves. I won't be paying much, just like spares Thanks Rik