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NOS cases

Just got a set of unused NOS AS18227 cases. Seems that the AS numbers also referred to bare cases as these have never had anything in them. All bushes present but no bearings. Would post pics but don't know how.

Re: NOS cases

That's excellent, were they expensive..?

Re: NOS cases

That depends on how much one thinks is a decent price

Re: NOS cases

I've seen unnumbered NOS cases (matched pair casting nums of course) go for £625. But these had never ever been touched since they were made. And it was a while ago.
I've heard that they are the same as model 18 and ES2 so a large market if someone wants to make an original numbers bike.

Re: NOS cases

The very sparse surviving factory records only show 'Spare Engines' marked against AS numbers but they are extremely limited in number.

I'd be surprised if bare cases were numbered and not simply the case that they were dismantled without being used.

I believe that I bought Russell Motors' last unstamped set of cases about ten years ago for £90. There are actually slight casting differences when compared with early cases.

They would need machining to fit overhead valve engines and would only fit 1936 - 1937 models. Rather than the SV tappets, provision has to be made for screwing in the pushrod tubes.

Re: NOS cases

Well you'll have to be surprised Rik. These have never had bearings or a barrel on them. I bought them from a top engine builder [fastest bike at Red Marley Hill climb last year] He said there wasn't a mark on them , and there isn't
Nothing has ever been threaded into the cases. I took them round to another bike builder who has a '46 overhead valve motor in a road race prewar frame and he said the same. I have photos but have no idea how to post. I tried sending you the photos but they got bounced back. Not sure if I had the correct email address.
I have an "Illustrated Spare Parts List" for engine/frame W 26001-43000 contract 294/C/7353 which lists "Crankcase with Timing Cover, Magneto Chain Cover, Bushes,Studs, Bolts and Nuts complete" as part number 3677.
There was no Field Stand no Racks and no Sump Plate in the list so it's possible that prior to fitting the sump plate spare cases were included.
I paid a bit less than you did.