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Dutch army, Johan Herman Fuhler, somewhere between 1945 and 1950

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Brass and Steel Contract Plates

Several people are now making brass contract plates, but the type and size of lettering used to mark them varies a great deal.

So in order to get them right it helps to see an original.

So far I have seen the following

Norton Big4
C7576 24

Norton 16H
C9681 6
C6653 25
C10217 28
C11082 30
C14498 35
S2602 37 Steel
S5161 38 Steel

So can anyone supply a picture of any original plate not on this list, I'm especially keen to see one for my Big4 contract C11297.


 photo 16H S5161 1_zpse3wql8cb.jpg

Re: Brass and Steel Contract Plates

I have just one new one for you, Rob. C12426 - Cat Ref 31

 photo C12426 Contract Plate 2_zpsy9zkbdz6.jpg

This means you now have 28, 30 and 31. If they're all the same style, it might be a clue as to how your contract, Ref.29 looked.

Incidentally, my C5109 Cat Ref. 15 number plate bracket showed no signs of ever having had a contract plate and other photos of this contract seem to show the same. It was the first wartime contract, extended from 2000 machines to 6000 and it occurs to me that there may only have been 2000 plates ordered and production continued before new supplies arrived.

Bearing in mind that the sister BSA contract C5110 was increased from 2777 to 8000, a similar thing may have occurred which may account for why you haven't seen one of those yet either.

Re: Brass and Steel Contract Plates

Thanks Rik

I have just been sent a picture of BSA C5110 contract plate.