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16H Girder forks spindles


I have a Norton 16H WD, i have a girder forks with 3 axles in bad condition, like my english speaking.

I am looking for 3 axles new or in good condition to rebuilt my bike.

I have many engine parts for exchange if someone is ok for changing.

I don't know where i can buy them, i have found on ebay this axles kit but i don't know if it's a good quality, and i don't want to die on the road.

Thank you for help.

Re: 16H Girder forks spindles

Hi Laurent I would NEVER buy these structural parts from India. I don't want to die on the road either. For girder forks :- Jake Robbins Vintage Engineering. 07986254144 Regards Peter Holden

Re: 16H Girder forks spindles

It may be worth having a word with this (French) eBay seller -

I have bought New Old Stock spindles from him in the past. He may have some more. He is a reliable and helpful seller.

Thomas Wältermann in Germany (See links page) may also be able to help. I believe that he had some spindles at Beaulieu this year (or was it last year ?)

Re: 16H Girder forks spindles

Peter thanks for your message, like you i don't want to buy my forks spindles made in India, because steel is not good.

Norton original girder forks spindles are made of EN16 or EN24T steel it's high carbon hardened steel.

Rik thanks for your message but i have bought some 16H parts to artmanaurelie and he has 1 16H fork spindle and not the others spindles, he can't help me.

I have send a message to Jake the specialist of girder forks and i have no news.

I really don't know how i can rebuilt the bike without the spindles ? I have 2 spindles ( 1 up and 1 down) the 2 other are in bad condition, 100% dead.

Re: 16H Girder forks spindles

I have all 4 oversized (9/16") nos spindles and some good used (1/2") plain ones from my recent rebuilding of my forks.
Do contact me if you want.
How are you planning to overcome the worn fork holes, since norton never used bushes? What I did was to find (with lots of effort) nos oversize spindles and made bigger fork holes to fit, just like norton factory planned!

Re: 16H Girder forks spindles

If you struggle for NOS parts Ken McIntosh ( makes new spindles with nuts, washers etc. but unless things have changed only in 1/2" diameter.
My forks had to be bushed to bring them back to usable on std spindles.