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lucas magdyno overhaul

dear community,
the lucas magdyno of my 16h needs some attention. whereas the ignition power itself is excellent, the bearing of the gear wheel shaft shows significant radial clearance. my question is how to proceed with the lucas. are there any recommended experts in germany?

Re: lucas magdyno overhaul

Hello Martin,

I would ask here:

Laubersheimer Elektro- und Feinwerktechnik
76829 Landau
Tel.: 06341/4241

They have a pretty good reputation and know what they are doing.


Re: lucas magdyno overhaul

thx for your message, heiko.
i just hadn't laubersheimer "on the umbrella" ;-)
today i "excavated" the magdyno. it took 5 hours until i could lay the lucas on my workbench. according to the manual it shouldn't last that long but one bolt was a major obstacle. thus i had to remove the right-hand engine plate.

i opened the magneto and realised that the right hand bearing was quite worn. i have sent the magneto to bmz ( in augsburg. they will check the magneto and provide a cost estimation.

Re: lucas magdyno overhaul

magdyno is back in its position and its running.
the overhaul cost was more than 600 euros but the result is satisfying.

Re: lucas magdyno overhaul

600 Euros...!!! Wow that's a lot for a mag rewind, who charged you that much? Glad your bike is back running again.

Re: lucas magdyno overhaul

good morning,
the job was done by a german workshop (
they did not only rewind the mag but also replaced some other stuff (contacts, screws ..).
it would be interesting to read what others had to pay for this kind of work.

Re: lucas magdyno overhaul

Hello Martin

What makes it expensive are the working hours I assume.

Your problem in getting the magdyno out are usually caused by previous tinkerers that have put the bolts in from the left hand (near) side.
It should be the other way round and only have nuts on the near side.
Its implicitly written in the M&I manual but apparently many engineers do not bother to read it. (Or do not have it?).
I have had multiple mails telling the same story so its very common.

I will make a note on it on the website when I can access it again. Am having some computer problems last weeks.

I hope you will make many happy miles on the MC this year.



Re: lucas magdyno overhaul

The magneto place I use charge £100 to just rewind the armature and I rebuild the mag myself. Or about £150 to rewind and rebuild a mag plus parts.

Re: lucas magdyno overhaul

thx for your replies.
the invoice i had to pay was for the mag overhaul only. it did not include any mounting efforts at the bike. removing and installation of the mag at the bike was performed by myself.
as far as i remember, cost for mag overhaul in germany are quite high. maybe this is because there are only some few experts who are familiar with the technology. i dont know and actually i dont really care. as long as there are experienced craftmen available to help us running our old thumpers i am happy to pay what they ask for.

Re: lucas magdyno overhaul

With the GBP as high as it is, €600 is 'only' £460. Did it include the dynamo as well ?

Any magneto rebuild in the UK would be dependent on a decent donor unit. If there was little usable then the price would increase.

There is no doubt though that a lack of competition in Europe leads to higher prices, combined with the fact that Germans in particular seem to prefer working from pristine premises and the best English work is usually done in a tumble-down shed...