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Dutch army, Johan Herman Fuhler, somewhere between 1945 and 1950

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My new WD16H project


my new project:

engine No. W81933
frame No. W48832
Contract No 14498 ( as I could find back in Steve Madden's book )

Contract date 01.05.1942
Built in a batch of 5000 bikes.

Girder frontend is missing, the fork and frontwheel is supposed to be BSA.
Engine and gearbox look good, as well the magneto and even the tank might be useable.

Who can help me with the biggest issue: the girder fork: Who has one for me?

Thanks for your comments


Re: My new WD16H project

congratulations to your new project!
It seems as if you are really addicted to the old thumpers ;-)
Merry X-mas!

Re: My new WD16H project

Hi Heiko,

Welcome to the club!
Are you from the Netherlands?
This could be a start;