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primary drive & clutch

I'd like to disassemble the primary drive of my 16H. I assume that I will need special tools. Which ones do I need? Any recommendations?
Thx in advance for any support,

Re: primary drive & clutch

The only special tool listed is the clutch centre puller but it's not always necessary - however, if it's tight then the correct puller is the best solution. The body of the puller screws into the clutch centre and the bolt is tightened onto the gearbox mainshaft.

The engine sprocket is dealt with using a simple two-legged puller.

There is a drawing of the clutch puller operation on page 24 of the M&I manual available for download on the main site.

The manual also shows a tool for helping to remove the clutch shock absorber rubbers but the lack of a tool can be overcome with a bit of pushing, pulling and levering.

It's not a BSA M20 so no problems with engine shock absorbers or nasty clutch springs !

Re: primary drive & clutch

thx for your reply, rik.
unfortunately i dont have a clutch puller available. i'd like to lend or buy one, any tips?
the clutch nut was lose so there was neither power nor a 2nd person as assistant necessary. how can i losen the engine nut?

Re: primary drive & clutch

Hello Martin,

Engine sprocket nut can be loosened by holding the sprocket firmly and loosen the nut. You can hold the sprocket by a piece of chain around the sprocket and clamp the chain in a vice.
Easier would be to fix a piece of chain to a rod and then sling the chain around the sprocket. That should give enough "support" to loosen the nut.
(Some car oil filter removal tools look similar).



Re: primary drive & clutch

thx a lot for you posting, rob.
sounds sensible, i will try it as suggested.
i hope my questions dont sound too stupid. i am quite familiar with harleys, moto guzzis or old jap bikes. but the old war horse is my first brit bike and thus i want to avoid beginner's mistakes.

Re: primary drive & clutch

An air tool will often shock nuts on rotating parts loose without turning the component if you struggle to hold it.

The clutch pullers are not complicated and should be available from any Norton parts source. They are used on all post-war pre-Commando models.

RGM certainly lists them.