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engine sprocket nut - thread is damaged

it seems as if my ignition project appears to become a restoration project.
this morning i disassembled the primary drive. for the sprocket nut i used an air-pressure impact tool which worked very well.
the thread of the engine nut is pretty damaged. could anyone tell me the tread size? which nuts of other models would fit? any support highly appreciated!
thx in advance.

Re: engine sprocket nut - thread is damaged

Most thread sizes (including this one) are shown in the WD Spare Parts Lists - Part No. 3403 (original price 6d - 2.5 current pennies !) is 3/4" x 20 tpi. which is a standard BSC (cycle) thread.

Most dealers in spares for older English motorcycles ought to be able to supply.

This is the one (with the post-war - 1946 part number but cranks were unchanged)

RGM is very good to deal with.