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Lucas MCR2 CVC regulator

Hello all
Does any one know how to Adjust the mcr2 cvc regulator ?
Eg for more power out put to charge the battery ! do i screw the regulator crew in a clock wise to increase voltage ?

must point out its an or dear i say it an Indian made type ! it charges when the bike is first run and then when you get past 15 Mph it stops charging all together

Re: Lucas MCR2 CVC regulator

This article is quite useful and includes a link to the Lucas manual for the MCR2.

The screw is turned clockwise to increase voltage but problems often relate to the cut-out, especially on the Indian versions if the stories are to be believed.

To be honest, the modern electronic regulators work so well that I wouldn't spend too much time fiddling if the mechanical unit doesn't respond. We no longer have a Lucas Service Depot offering exchange units in every town !