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Dutch army, Johan Herman Fuhler, somewhere between 1945 and 1950

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Dads 16h

Thought this may be of interest, it was my Dads 16h, my mum and sister are sat on it, year 1956

Re: Dads 16h

Try again

 photo image.jpeg

Re: Dads 16h

Hello Chris,

Nice picture taken in the year I was born!
It seems to be a bit of a mix of early and later type Nortons.
The oil tank is definitly late but the rear carriers and toolbox are early.
Do you know a little more about what happened with it?



Re: Dads 16h

Hi Rob
As mum was fed up with it he did a straight swap with a Morgan with a matchless v twin, he then sold that for £30 he enjoyed telling me that when I was in my twenties. Here is a picture of another one of his bikes, so looks like he made them up. Is there any way of finding any history of the combination by the number plate ?

 photo image_1.jpeg

Re: Dads 16h

Here's another angle

 photo image_2.jpeg

Re: Dads 16h

And last of all my uncle with his mate on the back, maybe early Norton, been worth a bit now.

 photo image_3.jpeg