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One of first 500 of contract C14498 with leg shields

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Norton 16 H C numbers

Good afternoon folks !
A very good friend of mine has just purchased a norton 16h WD
does anyone have any information on the c Numbers plus the little brass plate Numbers Please ?

The frame number is W64052 now there is a number 4 stamped in the 0 with now reads W64452 The V5 Logbook states
engine number KENT 33.E
Kind regards TED

Re: Norton 16 H C numbers

Ted, If original stampings, the frame number indicates a machine from contract C11082 (Cat Ref 30) which commenced delivery in mid-1942.

I'm a little reluctant to be definite without seeing photos of the stampings but W64052 was C4599652 and W64452 was C4600052.

An engine number KENT 33.E makes no sense to me. I wonder if it was stamped by a licensing authority, although as far as I'm aware, an engine number was not a legal requirement. Are there any other markings, including on the lower drive side front or on the front face of the timing chest ?

Re: Norton 16 H C numbers

Hi Rik
thank you for your response
If you give me your email address i will forward some Photographs
regards Ted

Re: Norton 16 H C numbers

Ted, see below.