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16 H 18" WHEELS ?

I have been given the job of rebuilding a pair of wheels for a mate for his 16H. He has supplied a 19" rim and 16H hub and a complete wheel for a pattern to copy offsets and spoke pattern,I have just looked at the complete wheel and it has a 18" rim which I presume is for a big 4 outfit, My question is would the big 4 wheel fit a 16H ok if so I will build up the hub onto a 18" rim to match. I have read on this site that some 16H were fitted with 18" rims I presume this was not a factory fit though. Any help/advice would be grateful.. Dave

Re: 16 H 18" WHEELS ?

Hello Dave

A number of 16H machines for the RAF were factory fitted with 18 inch (big 4) wheels.

It should be no problem at all to fit them to a 16H.



Re: 16 H 18" WHEELS ?

Not correct tho!
Unless its a sidecar outfit with 4.00 X 18 tyres. On a solo it will not handle at all well.

Re: 16 H 18" WHEELS ?

Thanks for replys. I need to know the rim offset as I intend to build the hubs into 19" rims as this will be a solo machine,I presume they are the same front and back as wheels are interchangeable ? Dave