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Computer crash

Dear All,

My computer crashed last week and I am still waiting for a new one being assembled for me.

I do have a back up of all data and emails but may have some trouble getting it to the new computer as I have made the back-up in Vista.
I am forced to go to Windows 10 for other reasons than my website but I am not sure yet if I can get all the old stuff properly back.

I postponed the change to a newer version of Windows/computer because Frontpage (my website editor) did not work on Windows 10 initially. Fortunately Henk Joore (WDBSA site) informed me that it now seems to work.

I do not yet know when I will have full control over my data and the website.
I hope it will not be to long,



Re: Computer crash

Sorry to hear that Rob. This resource is invaluable. Having been to Holland {Enter} this summer I've become rather pro dutch. Bit flat though....

Re: Computer crash

I still have a huge data loss as I cannot see my old mails yet.
Despite serious help its still not working.

I do however have all the other data back so that is a relief.

Will find another way to make back ups as using an external hard disk is not satisfactory.

Going from winmail to outlook is the biggest problem if winmail does not work anymore.