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new to restoring a 16h..anyone in UK to help?

this is my first attempt at restoring a 16h from a box of bits!
briefly i have two frames three engines and loads of everything else. I know that one of the frames is a mod 16 (1946) which also has girder forks. The other is a ohv engine with a cradle frame.Iam in the process of sorting out all the parts and I know i need the following parts
front drum complete for girders
primary chain cover and strap
I may also need a piston and cylinder(enclosed valve type?)
Is there anyone in the u.k that i can call upon for advice and swap notes ?
last question; the petrol tank is later with two holes for the round badge and a twist off fuel cap? it is very straight and i wondered if I can use it on the bike if I filled in the holes?
any help appreciated guys!

Re: new to restoring a 16h..anyone in UK to help?

Hi Chris, Welcome!

It much depends on what you want to build; a military or civilian version. This site basically is about the military Nortons, however civilian info can be found as well.
There are many experts in the UK but I suggest you also write a post on Henk's forum,
Many people there who can help.

Regards, Sven