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propstand clip frame tab mounting point

I've just got the clip from Hitchcocks and the stand from arpsroyalenfield in India.
I got the clip within 24 hours and the stand in 8 days. Very impressed with the service from both. Both products are spot on for fit.
I have a slight problem though. My bike is missing the clip mounting point. It has the vertical strut but no tag coming off it at right angles. I can see from pics on this website as to where it's supposed to be. I suspect it is a brazeon that has failed and dropped off in the long distant past.
Can anyone supply close up photos of the mounting point?

Re: propstand clip frame tab mounting point

It's a small folded bracket.

 photo Field stand clip_zpsoflwi1hj.jpg

If you need measurements, position etc. then I'm afraid that I won't be able to do that before next week.

Re: propstand clip frame tab mounting point


I sent you a mail with pictures and a drawing.

I shamefully have to admit that I do not know how to put pictures on my own forum (or Henks for that matter).

I have not really taken time to find it out and it has been explained several times by others on the WDBSA site so its my own stupidity.



Re: propstand clip frame tab mounting point

Thanks Rob and Rik; as I've said in an e all I need now is the width of the bracket. As to the propstand, although it is said to be a repro part I simply don't believe it is. It looks a dead ringer for an original part with scrappy old paint on it. The part is quite a complex expensive piece with a tapered arm seperate foot and forging for the pivots. What I have is an oem part and all the better for it. Either that or it was made out in India way back when as part of a military supply contract. The price is way off for a small modern production run. I've just bought a sidestand for my M21 [an absolute pig to fit by the way and it didn't have to be] and it's glossy finish offends my sensibilities. The indian part is spot on, although I will replace the foot pivot bolt or at least loctite and centre punch the threads to prevent it going missing.
Had to get sidestands as the rear stands on both bikes are a bit worn and difficult to grip with clogs, which are all I wear.

Re: propstand clip frame tab mounting point


Here's a link to the WD forum where the same topic has been discussed before...


Re: propstand clip frame tab mounting point

Right thanks everyone. I've made a cardboard template [allowing for bend radius] so can get it done this coming week

Re: propstand clip frame tab mounting point

I've put it on but come to the opinion that the sidestand is a flawed design. Inclined to slip on an unyeilding surface.

Re: propstand clip frame tab mounting point

The field stand pivots far too low which makes the bike inclined to tip and in fact the rear tyre can start to move sideways as there is little weight on it.

When I first rebuilt mine, I moved it outside to photograph and was able to watch it slide off the field stand through the view-finder. I didn't know whether to drop the camera and jump for the bike but in the end, I stood there like a rabbit in the headlights.

It is essential to have the bike in gear and the stand can be handy on soft ground but I prefer a tree or a gate post.

Re: propstand clip frame tab mounting point

The stand is fine but due to its design has a tendency to "slide out" on hard surfaces. Just remember to "chock" it either with the kerb or some other immoveable object. It was designed as a field stand after all the idea being to stamp on the foot so it has purchase.