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Dutch army, Johan Herman Fuhler, somewhere between 1945 and 1950

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16H prices

Can you tell me how much I'd expect to pay for a WD 16H in running condition, but not concours condition?

Re: 16H prices

Hello John,

It varies quite a lot and some people ask rediculous prices.
Here in Holland a medium condition and relative complete wd16H may go for anything between 4 to 5.000 euro. Bikes in Germany are usually more expensive.
I'd expect the price to be a bit lower (in pounds) in Britain.
I have seen a Belgian (completely wrong) restored one asking 13.500 euro and a Frenchman with a very good restored one for 25.000 euro.
I do not believe they will ever get that money but there are lunatics with to much money and no knowledge (or care).

These silly prices do however have a negative effect on other sales as people start expecting more for their bikes.

Good luck in the search and let me know if you find one?



Re: 16H prices

Thanks Rob. You may recall emailing on 7 January about a wartime picture I sent you of my father in North Africa.
This has prompted me to now go looking for a similar model.