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One of first 500 of contract C14498 with leg shields

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C9681 - A Matched Pair

Not of motorcycles, regrettably, authentic survivors of the pre-war contracts are extremely rare, but the literature does still turn up.

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Re: C9681 - A Matched Pair


sorry for my bad english, I'm french.
my 16H have the 9680 on frame and engine ..just one before ...


Re: C9681 - A Matched Pair

Louis, C9681 was the 'contract number' for Norton's 6th military contract for just over 2000 machines in 1937.

I don't know what the '9680' would represent. Does it have a 'W' prefix ?

If you could let me see a photograph of the engine number, I could probably confirm further details for you.

Re: C9681 - A Matched Pair


oops, I did not think ... you're right I mixed contract and serial .. yes there's à W prefix
I will try to send you photos on your gmail address to not pollute your post and also because I do not know how to insert them on this forum ... an error at a time will suffice ..