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loose MAGDYNO bracket 1944 norton 16H

Hi guys just got back from a run with a very loose Magdyno bracket, just had a quick glance & it looks a pig of a job to tighten up the underside screws and I can't see a quick way to do the job.
What is the best quickest way please.

Re: loose MAGDYNO bracket 1944 norton 16H

Hello Ian,

You will have to remove the platform and magdyno from the machine.
There is no other "easy" way. Two screws rest on the engine plates and you cannot tighten these properly
If your MC is assembled the proper way, you remove the nuts on the near side (behind the primary case) and remove the bolts to the off side. If the bolts are the other way round then you have to remove the primary chain case.
You would not be the first one having the bolts the wrong way around.
Loosen engine plates a bit as well and remove the timing chain and sprocket from the magdyno.
After that you can tilt the entire unit out of the frame.

Re: loose MAGDYNO bracket 1944 norton 16H

Hi Ron thanks for pointing this Forum out to me.
Just as I thought a crap job that I could of done without, I may as well look at the clutch at the same time as it sometimes slips when hot in traffic etc.
Loctite job for these bolts I think.

Re: loose MAGDYNO bracket 1944 norton 16H

Thanks for your reply to Ian. Now I finally know which side is near side and which is off side. Don't use those terms over here.

Re: loose MAGDYNO bracket 1944 norton 16H

Hello Michael,

It is an old English use of terms based on horse riding.
Apparently it was usual to put your left foot in the stirrup and swing your right leg over the horse.
Near side being the left side of the horse.
May have been used since medieval or earlier times as the sword hangs left for most right handed people.

It is not much used in present day but it is used in the Norton Instruction and maintenance manual quite often.



Re: loose MAGDYNO bracket 1944 norton 16H

If you scroll down all the required info is already on this forum
Specifically look at
Wd Norton 16H magneto sprocket removal
16h magneto

Re: loose MAGDYNO bracket 1944 Norton 16H

Yes I realised that after I had posted but as it was my 1st post I didn't think about it, I will check out the sprocket removal but as I'm only retightening the base plate bolts do I need to remove the sprocket ?

Re: loose MAGDYNO bracket 1944 Norton 16H

Yes you do. The sprocket won't fit through the hole in the back of the timing cover otherwise and you'll need the extra space to get a big screwdriver on those countersunk screws (not bolts). A small three leg puller will do the job. You won't want to have to do this job a second time. Be careful tho' I've seen many fractured inner timing covers.