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16h forks wanted

Hi all I'm after a set of 16h fork blades, hope somebody can help, if not has anybody ever purchased the ones from India on eBay, are they any good

Re: 16h forks wanted

my brother in law who is a competent agricultural engineer and then college lecturer bought a set after he hit a sheep and bent his original girders on his 1937 ES2. He did not use them as he thought the quality was suspect and did not trust his life with them, and they also did not look quite right as the lugs were a bit larger than the original Norton ones. In the end he sent his original bent blade to Jake Robbins for a re-tube which took a while but came back correct, not cheap but right. You pays your money and you take your choice !

Re: 16h forks wanted

Thanks Malcolm, that's what I thought the new ones might be a bit naff